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Carney Latin American Solidarity Archive (CLASA)

Welcome to the Padre Guadalupe Carney Latin American Solidarity Archive (CLASA), a rare collection of Spanish and English books, human rights reports, independent newspapers and newsletters, and social justice papers.

Our archive houses more than 25 years of work by individuals and organizations working in solidarity to aid the people of Latin America. Learn about the life of our namesake, Padre Guadalupe, who disappeared in Honduras in 1983. Review documents that evidence his family's mission to obtain information about his suspected torture and death. Read Padre Guadalupe's letters to his family prior to his disappearance. Use our spot on the Web as your point of contact for like-minded groups, and find others dedicated to grassroots movements, U.S. international policy, and global economic issues.

Most of all, use our site to investigate an infrequently taught aspect of history: the interconnection between Latin America and the United States.


    Contact CLASA

    CLASA welcomes your questions, comments, concerns, and tales to tell. If you'd like more information on CLASA, if you're an individual or organization who would like some mention on our site, or if you'd like to make a donation, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Gail Presbey, CLASA Director, at 313.993.1124.

    If you've noticed that something on our site is amiss (broken links or images, for example), we ask that you email our webmaster right away.

    If you've enjoyed your visit to our site — and especially if you've found it helpful to research — please tell us about that as well.



    Links are to both Detroit-area solidarity organizations, as well as links to information on Latin America.

    Links To Detroit Area Groups

    CLASA is as focused on community organizations and grassroots activism as it is on student scholarship at Detroit Mercy. That said, we've dedicated this site area to organizations and individual activists local to Detroit. We hope you'll feel inspired enough to join them!

    Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice
    Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice is a coalition of unions, churches and community groups working together to defend and promote workers' rights and social justice. Detroit chapter meetings are at 6.30 pm every third Monday of each month. For meeting locations and additional information call:

    • Julie Barton at 313-821-2741
    • Barb Ingalls at 248-547-7729
    • Cheryl Peck at 313-259-1436

    Casa de Unidad
    Casa de Unidad is a Detroit community center with walls and galleries displaying work by local Latino artists; they're Southwest Detroit's artistic voice! Casa de Unidad is located at 1920 Scotten in Detroit. Call 313-843-9598 for more information.

    Xicano Development Center
    The Xicano Development Center is located at 800 W. Willow in Lansing, MI 48906. Please call 517-371-4140 for more information.

    Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice (ICPJ)
    The ICPJ has a monthly newsletter and task forces at work on a variety of peace and justice issues. These include the Religious Coalition on Latin America (RCLA) and working to close the U.S. Army School of the Americas, among other projects. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7.30 p.m. in Memorial Lounge at the First Baptist Church, 512 E. Washington St., Ann Arbor, MI. For additional information, please contact the ICPJ at 730 Tappan St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 or 734.663.1870.

    Latin America

    Many of the country links below lead to lists of links created by the Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) at the University of Texas. Rather than reinvent the wheel and copy LANIC lists here (especially since LANIC did the work), many links below go directly to extensive lists from LANIC on that particular country.

    Other country links lead to lists compiled by CLASA. CLASA lists about a specific country include a link to LANIC's list on the same country.

    We've collected every link we can think of, but please let us know if we've omitted a like minded site. If you know of a website or organization that belongs in our link collection, or if one of our links is broken, tell us so by email.

    Central America
    Costa Rica
    El Salvador

    South America
    French Guiana

    North America

    Antiqua and Barbuda
    Cayman Islands
    Dominican Republic
    Puerto Rico
    St. Kitts and Nevis
    St. Lucia
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Virgin Islands

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